Keep fit , we are thinking of you

First of all, we want to let you know that we are thinking of you and we really hope you are all ok. We also wanted to encourage you to try and keep as fit as possible for the running challenges that will hopefully come in the following months.

On the other side, some weeks ago we announced that registration fees for Zurich San Sebastian Marathon would go up at the end of March. However, taking into account the difficult times we are all going through, we have decided to keep the fees as they are till April 30th.

10k will be held on Saturday

We have some more news to announce. Until now, the three distances of the Zurich San Sebastian marathon were held on Sunday.  This year for the first time the 10k race will be held on Saturday 28th November at 2pm. Both Marathon and half marathon will start on Sunday 29th at 9am as usual.

The reason for this change is to avoid having too many runners at the start and also, to give half marathon and marathon runners the opportunity to run the 10k the day before. A great opportunity to get to know part of the marathon route, as the 10k race goes along  a great part of the long distance route.

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