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Download the informations and tips for registered atletes : start hour and place,bib pick up, ...


On November 24th you have up to five hours to complete the 42,195 km of the Zurich San Sebastian Marathon, or if you prefer, you can also run 10K or half marathon.
Registration fees will go up on Wednesday 13th, so don’t wait any longer.

The registration fee is just 3 euros (T-shirt and some refreshment products included) and it is open to children aged 3 to 13.

Achilles tendinopathy is characterized by localized tendon pain, morning stiffness, and functional disability during activities such as jumping and running.
Thanks to our official hotel Silken Amara Plaza in San Sebastian, you can enjoy the marathon dinner on the day before
Attached archives: Menu Hotel Amara Plaza PDF
Tuesday 12th November will be the last day to sign up for any of the three distances at reduced prices.
Registrations are open for the Zurich Marathon Txiki Festa. It will be held on Saturday 23rd November in the afternoon in Anoeta Mini Stadium | Register at
At the moment, there are 20,5% more participants this year than in the 2018 edition- The fastest athletes run for free- Registrations are open for the Zurich Marathon Txiki Festa
A new gift for you If you run the Zurich San Sebastian Marathon, you will receive this blue gym sack.
How can we not be so proud of La Concha Beach ¡ How can we not love it ¡
Hollywood movies are made in San Sebastian and you can also run one of the best marathons in the world.
Finally the time has come to show you the t-shirt that all those Zurich Donostia Marathon participants will receive this year. Runners will love this high quality T-shirt
24th November is getting closer, the big day when San Sebastian Marathon will be held in the streets of San Sebastian. This is why we thought it would be a good idea to tell you about the route.
La Concha has a unique colour . It is the best European Beach. It is not just us saying so. It is also said by TripAdvisor users, who rated this beach as the best one in the old continent and the fourth one worldwide. And if that was not enough it is the third time it has been rated as the best European beach.
Zurich Insurance and RACC have carried out the study “Sports practice and air quality’’, highlighting that in San Sebastian the best timing to practice running is the late afternoon.
Watch this video if you want to know how the money you donate is used when you register for the Zurich Donostiako Maratoia or the Salto Systems 15k Donostiako Klasikoa.
Raffles among those who approached the stand "Donosti Running" at the fairs of Barcelona, Seville and Paris.
In collaboration with San Sebastian Tourist Office and Behobia-San Sebastian, the Project 50/50/25 aims to have 50% of women among the participants in 2025. International Women's Day, March 8 ...
Zurich San Sebastian Marathon will host the fourth edition of this annual meeting which is focused on protecting and caring for the health of all those runners taking part in 42,195 k races.
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50/50/25 por la igualdad en el deporte


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