‘Marathons and Health’ will meet in San Sebastian in 2020

‘Marathons and health’ board will meet in San Sebastian in 2020, on a date still to be confirmed. Zurich San Sebastian Marathon is one of the oldest races in the Spanish Athletics Federation calendar and it will host the fourth edition of this annual meeting where all the main Spanish marathons will be present.

It was in Seville where the third edition was held on 26th and 27th January this year, whereas Valencia and Madrid hosted the first two editions.

During the third edition of ‘Marathons and Health’ work was focused on progressing in the ‘Manifesto for the prevention of health in marathon runners’, which has been signed by 10 different organizations, among them Zurich San Sebastian Marathon. What is the goal? To protect and care for the health of the runners by creating a Decalogue of good practice and actions to be taken in their events.

Zurich San Sebastian Marathon organizing committee are already working in planning different activities for the next meeting so that the final result is as productive and enriching as possible. 

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