The City and the Marathon of Stars

San Sebatián City and the Marathon of Stars

San Sebastian is a small and breathtaking town located in the North of Spain very close to France. It not only hosts one of the oldest and most beautiful marathons in Europe but it is also the chosen place for Hollywood directors to make their films.

This summer has been really hectic in San Sebastian. Woody Allen has chosen the town as the location to make his next film and a few movie stars have been seen in town. Apart from this, San Sebastian is so amazingly beautiful and it has so many things to do and visit that for the second year in a row, Matt Damon, Elsa Pataki and Chris Hemsworth have decided to spend their summer holidays in town. In addition to this, every year in September San Sebastian also hosts one of the most prestigious cinema festivals in the world. Definitely, San Sebastian is the City of Stars.
We don’t know if any of those actors, directors and movie personalities will take part in the town’s marathon on 24th November, but we can guarantee that the participants will be able to enjoy the visit to a movie town visited by thousands of tourists; some of them really famous, as you can see. San Sebastian offers its incredible beauty, its gastronomy, and it is very easy to reach from anywhere in Europe.
Without a doubt, Zurich San Sebastian Marathon is a great choice if you like running. You can choose to run marathon, half marathon or 10k and you can get there by flying to Bilbao, Biarritz or San Sebastian airports, the furthest one is just a one-hour drive from San Sebastian. You can also easily get there by car or by train to San Sebastian or Hendaye in France.  

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