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Zurich insurance  are deeply involved in running in Spain and this same Tuesday they have announced a new initiative that will offer financial support to charities through crowdfunding campaigns where they will take an active part together with the runners.


The support will come through its foundation “Z Zurich Foundation” and it will be possible thanks to, a crowdfunding platform that will enable participants of each race to donate the amount they wish to a series of different charities that will be chosen by each marathon or race. For each individual donation Zurich will add 50% of that amount.


Zurich, supporting running 


The races the company has been supporting in the last few years are Seville, Barcelona, Malaga and San Sebastian marathons , in addition to eight editions of the Women’s 



For each euro donated to these organisations, the foundation will contribute 0.5 euros to the charities chosen by each marathon,  explained Gary Shaughnessy , president of Z Zurich Foundation, during the press conference held this Tuesday in Madrid in order to introduce this initiative.


Zurich estimate that in the next 3 years they will donate around 500.000 euros for different solidarity causes chosen by the races they support. “We expect to increase these figures considerably. This is just a starting point”, Vicente Cancio  -CEO of Zurich Spain -added.  


All the races previously mentioned gather a total amount of almost 150.000 participating athletes. 


This kind of campaigns are becoming really popular in sports events and they are already part of some important events such as London Marathon for example.




“In Spain we have a lot to learn from the concept of values in sports that you can find in  the United States and England, where they are completely integrated” has explained David Levy, founder of #Migranodearena, the crowdfunding platform that unites more than 1,800 charities, which has already raised more than 10 million euro since its launching.


Directors of Sevilla, Barcelona, San Sebastián and Málaga marathons have also been present at the press conference , as  well as the organizers of the eight women’s races that are held in different Spanish cities . They have all agreed that this initiative is a step forward to support solidary initiatives in the running world.

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